BYHAZE Presents: I Like Me A Camp Clarity Production
Starring: BYHAZE Dana From Upstairs TAHJ @tahjwritez Written and Directed by: Joseph Robert Redl @redlcommajoseph
Produced by: Shane Fuller
Director of Photography: Michael DiGioia @diggitygioia
First Assistant Camera: N.F. Misisco @lone_wolf_misisco
Gaffer: Samuel Mitchell @handhead
Key Grip: Marc Manasse @attractivejewishman
Costume Designer and Stylist: Zunyda
Set Photographer: Reba Kittredge Tyson @rebakittredgetyson
Editor: Samuel Mitchell @handhead
Colorist: Michael DiGioia @diggitygioia
Hair and Stylist Assistant: Zahara Sanchez
Special Thanks: Corinna Bourke, Sean Dickinson, Dante Giannetta, Dorian Stern

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